50% off Non-toxic, Eco-Vinyl Shower Curtains from Rock Candy Life


Since the next leg of our Green Living series is The Green Bathroom, I thought I’d give you a little preview with a great deal to help green up your bath! Blissmo has eco-vinyl shower curtains from Rock Candy Life for $12 – that’s 50% off the regular price. I ordered mine last week and can’t wait for it to arrive. Here’s the lowdown:

“A nice hot shower should never include a chemical bath. Unfortunately, conventional shower curtains are often made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVCs which include 100 volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs pollute the air in your home by off-gassing and releasing toxic phthalates and organotins. In fact, the Center for Health Environment and Justice just released a report explaining how, when shower curtains and curtain liners emit that “new shower curtain” smell, the chemicals involved can cause respiratory irritation, headaches, liver and kidney damage, nausea, reproductive system damage, immune system complications and central nervous system damage.

"Whimsical Birds" pattern - I ordered this for the boys' bathroom!

“Say no thanks to chemical showers with Rock Candy Life. Rock Candy Life makes eco-designer shower curtains that are PVC and chlorine-free. Unlike conventional shower curtains, their Whimsical Birds curtain brings classic chic to the modern bathroom. Meanwhile, Roxal Luxe enlivens the space with swirling branches and playful peacocks. Or, for a more exotic touch, head east with Moroccan Luxe. Hang this “green,” biodegradable, 100% recyclable, chlorine- and PVC-free shower curtain in your bathroom and it’s like taking a vacation every time you step in the shower or tub.”

Who wouldn’t want to grab this deal?! But you need to hurry – you only have TWO DAYS before this deal ends, and there are just 27 left! Update: This deal has been so popular that Rock Candy Life has made more available, so there are 100 left. But now you only have ONE DAY to get them! So get over to Blissmo and sign up to take advantage of this great, green deal!


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I'm happily married to and in love with my best friend, Bryan, and a stay-at-home-mom to our sons Kade and Xander. I occasionally do some Marketing/PR to pay the bills and freelance writing and editing because I just can't help myself. My life revolves around worshiping God, loving my husband, serving my church, connecting with my family and supporting my friends. I'm passionate about biblical womanhood, healthful and sustainable living, raw vegan cuisine, literature and comprehensive stewardship, among other things. Thanks for stopping by!

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