The Soft Landing… and a Safe Baby Giveaway!


It’s no secret that I’m passionate about safe, eco-friendly products for my family, especially for my son. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive a stainless steel, 100% BPA free sippy cup by OGGI from some good friends of ours last night for Kade’s first birthday. I am really excited about this sippy cup! Clearly, our friends know us well (thanks, Reindl family!), and I am so grateful that they blessed Kade (and us!) with such a thoughtful gift.  And it’s a great way to introduce today’s post. 🙂

I’m so excited about this giveaway on Veater Family Adventures. They’ve teamed up with The Soft Landing, a favorite site of mine, to offer a chance to win some great, safe products for your little ones from Dandelion Organic, Kid Basix, and My Dentist’s Choice. I’m a big fan of the Safe Sippy from Kid Basix – love it!

The Soft Landing Store is the first of its kind, offering over 45 brands of 100% BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free products in one convenient place, with the goal of taking the headache out of making the switch to safer gear. They’ve definitely done that for me! This is hands-down one of the best resources I’ve found for safe, high-quality children’s products. I love being able to go to one place to find out what products meet my standards of safety, quality, and sustainability. Their thorough research, detailed descriptions and informative articles and reports mean I spend less time online reading and evaluating, trying to protect my son, and more time being able to relax and just enjoy my sweet little monkey. Add The Soft Landing to your list of favorite sites and let them do the work for you.

So get on over to Veater Family Adventures and enter this giveaway! There are lots of ways to enter, so go check it out and be sure to let me know if you win!


About Ruth

I'm happily married to and in love with my best friend, Bryan, and a stay-at-home-mom to our sons Kade and Xander. I occasionally do some Marketing/PR to pay the bills and freelance writing and editing because I just can't help myself. My life revolves around worshiping God, loving my husband, serving my church, connecting with my family and supporting my friends. I'm passionate about biblical womanhood, healthful and sustainable living, raw vegan cuisine, literature and comprehensive stewardship, among other things. Thanks for stopping by!

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