Forks Over Knives… Yes, Virginia, there is a Cure!


With so many diseases prevalent in Western society today and the health care debate reaching a fever pitch, many are wondering if there will ever be a “cure” for common American maladies like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The answer is yes! These and myriad other diseases can be reversed – and prevented – with a treatment so beautiful in its simplicity that it can only have come from the hand of an infinitely wise and loving Creator.

As a Seventh-day Adventist, I have grown up hearing about natural methods of disease prevention and treatment, and have wondered when the rest of the world would get on board with what we have believed and taught for over 150 years. You can imagine, then, why I am so excited to see this film:

As soon as it is available on video, our family will be purchasing it and sharing it with everyone we can! I believe it will make a great tool for use in health ministry, and as a nice refresher for those of us (like myself) who sometimes tend to take our wonderful health message for granted.

I’m also looking forward to including this film in a very exciting project I hope to launch later this spring – stay tuned for details!


About Ruth

I'm happily married to and in love with my best friend, Bryan, and a stay-at-home-mom to our sons Kade and Xander. I occasionally do some Marketing/PR to pay the bills and freelance writing and editing because I just can't help myself. My life revolves around worshiping God, loving my husband, serving my church, connecting with my family and supporting my friends. I'm passionate about biblical womanhood, healthful and sustainable living, raw vegan cuisine, literature and comprehensive stewardship, among other things. Thanks for stopping by!

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